our expertise

Established in 2006, FIFTYFIVE company is offering services of real estate agents in Prague (Czech Republic) and complete relocation services for international companies.

FIFTYFIVE s.r.o. main goal is to provide customized real estate products and services for clients in Student Housing through our expertise: Fund Asset Management and Property Management.

Student housing operator

Our dream of helping international professionals, interns and students to find accommodation abroad started way back in 2008.

During these 11 years of experience we had the chance to learn, grow and improve our services in order to answer to a generation that craves for new rental solutions.

We created our own operating tool which is today first player in Czech Republic to rent rooms to long-term students. Thanks to student-room-flat.com, we can today fully rent in the easiest and more efficient way the properties that we manage.

We offer then to our business partners a full service and we require no external help to secure occupancy of our buildings.

Asset Management

FIFTYFIVE offers its expertise and advice to manage and optimize your real estate assets

FIFTYFIVE s.r.o. offers its expertise to advice in new projects or to optimize your current real estate assets via student housing.

Based on our experience, we can today have our hands on a property and finding the best way to upgrade it and optimizing its yield.

• Technical Audit
• Architectural Optimization
• Commercial Identity

property management

FIFTYFIVE take care of your property

FIFTYFIVE s.r.o. can provides investors a total management of the property.

• Technical management (maintenance, inventories and precautionary measures).
• Rental management via the Student-room-flat.com plateforme (commercial assistance).
• Tenants management (tenants relations, arrivals, departures).
• Financial management (collect of rents, invoices, receipts).
• Accounting Management (accounting, maintenance expenses, management reports).